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Implant Treatments Available

Same Day Teeth Replacement
Pictures - Same Day Teeth Replacement

Single Tooth Replacement
Pictures - Single Tooth Replacement

Permanent Full Arch Replacement
Pictures - Permanent Full Arch Replacement

Removable Full Arch Replacement


Implant Treatments Available

Same Day Teeth Replacement (Branemark Novum technique)
Many people with a full lower denture experience the problems associated with loose ill fitting dentures and these problems worsen with age. There may be inability to eat certain foods, and aesthetic problems with the "look" of their denture. All of these can be overcome with the Novum technique. This advanced technique can provide you on the same day, or within a few days, with teeth that are secure, natural looking and fully functional.

Single Tooth Replacement
A single missing tooth in a healthy mouth is the ideal situation for implant replacement. Your tooth may be replaced for both function and appearance without harming any other teeth. The ideal replacement will look like a natural tooth both to you and others. It will also feel like a normal tooth and be easy to clean.

Full Arch Replacement (Permanent or Removable)
When all teeth are missing in either upper or lower jaw, it is possible to replace these with a one-piece dentition attached permanently to implants. The number of implants required is fewer than the number of missing teeth.



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