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Same Day Teeth Replacement
Pictures - Same Day Teeth Replacement

Single Tooth Replacement
Pictures - Single Tooth Replacement

Permanent Full Arch Replacement
Pictures - Permanent Full Arch Replacement

Removable Full Arch Replacement


Same Day Teeth Replacement (Branemark Novum Technique)

How does this new advanced treatment work?


Step 1
Step 1 - On Arrival
On arrival, our patient will go through the normal assessment process immediately prior to their surgical procedure, and this will include medical examination for anaesthesia and review of the surgical procedure.


Step 2
Step 2 - Surgical procedure
Under general anaesthesia, the bony ridge of the lower jaw will be re-shaped by Professor Ferguson and the three implants which will support the new dentition will be placed and joined together with a metal bar. This is a very exacting procedure, with special templates used to place the implants in pre-determined positions.


Step 3
Step 3 - Measurement of bite height
Measurement of bite height is usually done by Doctor Judge as soon as the patient recovers from the anaesthetic, or two days later. It involves recording the relative position of the lower jaw to the upper jaw usually using a combination of wax and standard dental impression materials.


Step 4
Step 4 - Break/Laboratory Procedure
The laboratory procedure involves the placement of teeth in the positions as dictated by the bite height recording. At later visits, the teeth will be checked to ensure they are in the correct position.


Step 5
Step 5 - Try In
The tooth position is verified by a try in procedure where the prosthetic bar and the teeth are held in wax. When the patient and the Doctor Judge are happy with the position of the teeth the next phase of treatment is undertaken which is the processing of the teeth to the prosthetic bar. This is undertaken in the lab under heat and pressure conditions.


Step 6
Step 6- Delivery
The next phase is fitting of the completed bridge to the metal bar joining the implants together. The bridge is permanently screwed now to the metal bar.


Step 7
Step 7- Light Dinner
This allows the patient almost immediate function and aesthetics allowing a light dinner to be taken that evening.


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