Denture Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

Are you looking for quality dentures in Melbourne? The team at Melbourne Dental Implant Centre specialise in providing treatments and procedures to help patients improve their smile. Specifically, we can replace missing teeth with implant technology.

Removable denture implants are typically cast from cobalt chromium metal and are designed to replace multiple missing teeth for either the upper or lower jaw. This is a predictable procedure and is one of several ways to improve your smile.

Denture implants can be removed at night for cleaning; your gums will need this break to recover and heal. In some instances, this treatment is the preferred choice for being cost-effective. It allows for the replacement of missing teeth and sometimes gums and bone depending on the levels of the tissue.

When all the teeth are missing, however, they can be replaced with acrylic versions. The upper denture is held in place by suction. The lower denture is held in place by the actions of the lips and tongue.

Dentures in Melbourne for Better Jaw and Mouth Function

Did you know that missing teeth can affect the muscles in your mouth? Facial features can droop and you may have trouble eating properly. Fortunately, we can help you regain muscle function in your mouth by simply filling the gaps where your old teeth used to be.

Please note that while this treatment is one of the most affordable methods of replacing teeth it can also introduce new issues that may affect your comfort.

Dentures in Melbourne

Consult our team in Box Hill to discuss your oral health needs. We can assess your eligibility for denture implants and recommend the best treatments and procedures to improve your smile and lifestyle. To learn more about our other dentistry services, contact us today.