Dr Boris Cherkasski Prosthodontist

Dr Boris Cherkasski Prosthodontist

Prosthodontist in Melbourne

At Melbourne Dental Implant Centre, we specialise in teeth restoration as well as the replacement of missing teeth. Our prosthodontist in Melbourne, Dr Boris Cherkasski, is registered with the Dental Board of Australia and offers his experience and expertise to help patients achieve better smiles.

There is more to prosthodontics than the cosmetic aspects of filling gaps, though. In addition to the aesthetics, our restoration treatments are generally ideal for maintaining proper mouth function so that you can speak and eat properly. Every patient is different, however and all dental implant procedures often require complex care and forward-planning.

Our prosthodontist in Melbourne will meet with you, understand your oral health needs and recommend actions as part of an ongoing treatment plan. During the initial consultation, we conduct a thorough dental examination which may involve X-rays, diagnostic impressions and clinical photographs. Depending on the complexity of the investigation, a second follow-up consultation may be required to review findings from the first visit.

We will always discuss all treatment options as well as their associated fees so that you can make informed decisions about your oral health.

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We specialise in dental bridges and full mouth teeth replacement services.

Porcelain veneers look great and are an effective method for treating worn teeth. We also offer crowns and bridges.

We can assess your eligibility for removable and fixed dentures and provide a treatment plan that works for you.

Smile Design and Cosmetic Dentistry

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